Thursday, August 6, 2009

26 days

until we move to Incline Village. 12 years in this dust bowl called Reno has been about 6 years too long. For the first 6 we moved all over town, discovering whatever new activities the area brought. And by activities I mostly mean the casino and bar scene, which was upbeat, lively into all hours of the night, and surprisingly friendly. But then looking back I suppose bartenders and cocktail waitresses are obligated to be friendly to tipping patrons, or at least it's good business for them. I can't say that any of them are friends on a personal level, although most even from years ago remember my husband and me, and occasionally pass a hello to us through friends or relatives they recognize as knowing us.

About 8 years ago (really, where does the time go?) we moved to a valley in North Sparks known as Spanish Springs and bought our first house. Back then the mortgage payment stretched our budget so much we spent nearly the first year in our house, venturing out only months after moving in.

After that we ventured out to the local bar - yes, there was only one within miles, and it was quite the collection of characters. Maybe more on that later, suffice it for now to say that many of those characters are near to my heart after spending many a night swapping drunk stories and creating new ones. In fact, Spanish Springs had little else to do then, and not a whole lot has changed. Yes, we now have a Costo, Best Buy, Chili's, etc. etc within 10 miles, but this valley is pretty rural if you ask me. When telling friends how to get to our house I always say to drive until you scream "Where the fuck are we???" and then take a left. No one believes me until they come out here. We are typically greeted with "you are not kidding about being way the fuck out here!"

Anyway, long story short, we are finally making the move to Incline Village. We have talked about it for years, and now, because we can, because we are hoping to sell the house, because it seems our passions and our energies in life have all but dried up in this windy, dusty valley, we have decided to do it. So cheers to the unknown. I look forward to discover someplace that seems to project healthy energy. Not a miracle, but a place where I can actively participate in Nature and try to refill my soul. How will it go? I have no idea but I am keeping my fingers crossed and will continue to hope for the best. So, 26 days until the opportunity for new life is here. Wish us luck...